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Blessed Breakfast Club


An opportunity to enjoy the finest breakfast in the village at the
delightful setting 
of Bletchingley Golf Club.

An informal breakfast club for men sympathetic to and/or slightly
curious about faith and/or those who struggle to accept faith.

Practice the art of agreeing to disagree........respectfully.
No sermons, no preaching, no golf, no pressure.
Make new friends, share life's challenges, find good companionship,
conversation and sausages.

Life, Faith, Breakfast         It's good to talk
Saturday Nov. 11th                    Mental Health. What keeps you sane?
Saturday Dec. 9th                    Handling criticism
    All at 8.30am

Book, show, eat up

We meet at Bletchingley Golf Club, Church Lane, RH1 4LP     

Contact: Robert Tucker 07852 123628 robtucks@gmail.com       


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