Welcome back

Welcome back to services at St Mary’s

The Rector, churchwardens and PCC have done all they can to make your return to church as safe as possible.

Much as we would love to see you please DO NOT come if you have a temperature, persistent cough, or have lost your sense of taste or smell.

As we respect Social distancing the number of people who will be able to come to a service will be limited, therefore you will need to let us know in advance if you are planning to attend. I will set up a link through ‘iknow church’ and let you know the link later this week.

Please can we ask you to let anyone you are aware of, who does not have access to the internet, know about these services and who they can telephone. Perhaps you could also give them a copy of these guidelines please.

Below is a guide as to what to expect when you come to a service.

  1. You will be met by an ‘usher’ on the church path who will check your name
    (we need to have a correct list of those attending the service for the government’s Track and Trace scheme)
  2. On entering the church you will be met by another ‘usher’ who will guide you to the hand sanitisers which it is essential you use.
  3. This same usher will show you to a pew where a service booklet will be waiting for you.
  4. To maintain social distancing only alternate pews will be used
  5. There will not be a cash collection but if you would like to give please bring a credit or bank card and use the Good Box machine, which is very easy to use.
  6. The service will be said. There will be no:

Singing  (although the organ will play and the choir will sing virtually)
Sharing the peace
Coffee after the service

  1. At Communion the rector will come to you, so please, no moving out of your pew.
  2. At communion only the host will be offered which will be given to you using tweezers
  3. After the service we will ask you, as you stand up, to turn left, so those who are sitting on the right of the main aisle (looking towards the altar) will leave via the main aisle and main door. Everyone else will leave via the tower.
  4. For your own safety it is also important to sanitise your hands on leaving the church.

Other guidance

  • Please arrive early so there is plenty of time for the ‘formalities’
  • If you are in a ‘vulnerable’ group it is only you who can decide whether this is the right time for you to come back to church. The Sunday morning service will be shown on You Tube at 9.30am
  • We are asking everyone to wear a face mask, but remember that when you remove it to take communion, to do so safely removing it by the earpieces and avoiding touching the mask itself with your fingers. Ideally it would be good for it not to be put on the pew either.  It would also be good to think of the environment and either use fabric washable masks or biodegradable ones
  • The register of who has attended each week will only be kept for 21 days.
  • The church is thoroughly cleaned each week and as needs be during the week